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  • Victor Eydus

Purim Musical Play: THE STORY OF ESTHER

Written by Victor Eydus, you can perform the musical with your students or simply read and sing the play along with you.

Contact Victor for the musical notes:

  • The play is available in both English and Russian;

  • The first production was in Rehovot, Israel, in 2014 as a staged reading.

  • The 2024 production at San Francisco State University had 12 students involved, playing many roles. Victor directed the play.

Download the full play:

The Story Of Esther - Musical Play 2023
Download PDF • 1.25MB

Download PDF • 1.77MB

Music sample from the Musical:

music samples
Download ZIP • 8.01MB

About the musical play from Victor:

The events of this musical belong to history. It is a very recent

history, yet it happened in a world that is gone. There is no Leningrad

on the map; the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has collapsed; what

used to be republics is neither Soviet nor Socialist anymore.

As it always happens in Jewish history, things get turned upside down.

While nobody seems to question Napoleonic wars or the American

Revolution, countless efforts are made to revise events related to the

Jewish people, from Romans crucifying a Jewish carpenter and blaming

it on Jews to denying the Holocaust to commenting on the current

violence in the Middle East. I do not doubt that persecution of the

Jewish people and religion in the Soviet Union will be denied as well.

As a participant and witness of this modern exodus, I feel

obligated to provide testimony* to it. While the names and the

particular sequence of the scenes are fictitious, the actual events

happened to somebody I know personally or were told to me by an


All I have tried to do is to present them with the most accurate


Contact Victor:

Esya’s Song (from the musical)

My life was so plain and clear,

The world was sun-lit with cheer,

Sunburn my only fear

On my way to school.

Today, I feel there's been a change.

My heart beats faster; oh, how strange!

And I can mull no longer

Lectures dry and dull.


Why had I come here? Now I see

My friend was wrong in telling me

That if I do not want to

I needn’t come again.

Today, I feel there's been a change

And something’s happened, something strange,

That just a day without him

Brings me so much pain.


I should have given him a call,

Suggest to help me learn my role,

Ask if he could come early

To aid me with the set.

I've just met him, and – oh, bother! –

Could it be he’s with another?

Or perhaps he simply

Cannot come just yet.


But oh, how sweetly aches my heart

When he walks in before we start

To home, I didn't want to

Visit, if you please.

Today, I feel there's been a change,

And something’s happened, something strange,

But now I need somebody

Just to breathe with ease.


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