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Summary activity - between the lines

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The activity is suitable for students in grades 4-8, after studying at least one unit or two lessons on the struggle of Judaism in the USSR:

In this activity, each student (or group of students) receives a card of an important event that has happened in history, and students must cooperate to understand what the correct order is and in the end stand in line in the correct order.

Possibilities for tickets, taken from the timeline (choose according to what you have already taught the students):

The Bolshevik Revolution - October Revolution

The Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel

Golda Meir, visiting Moscow, dances with about 50,000 Jews on Rosh Hashanah

Doctors' Plot

Establishment of a "unit" secret unit

Israel wins the Six Day War

Letter from the 18 families

Operation Wedding

Jackson-Vanik Amendment

Dissolution of the USSR


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