Watch & Discuss: The death of Stalin in Purim 1953, compared to Haman

Updated: May 16

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השיעור דומה זמין בעברית

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What similarities can you draw between the Purim story from of the Book of Esther and Stalin’s Jews persecution, which ended with his death?

Many Jews in the Soviet Union were led to believe that the Soviet revolution will free them from anti-Semitism. The Soviet revolution promised equality. No religion meant no religious persecution. In theory…


​Can we decide who we are, or is it being decided for us?

Can we, as Jews, ever feel completely belong or are we always visitors, guests in others countries (expect Israel, our homeland) and a limited time until we become unwanted guests?

Watch (2:27) an animated video on the Doctor's Plot - as the Soviet leader Stalin suddenly decides that there is a plot of Jewish Doctors against him and starts persecuting them.

[watch] Professor Yakov Rapoport was among the few survivors of what was known as the 'Doctors' Plot'. His daughter Natasha remembers her family's ordeal: